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No Cell Phone

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

No Cell Phone

There are about probably 10 people in my business life who actually have my direct personal line and they know to use it only under extraordinary dress. And everybody else goes the system.

So how on earth can I possibly communicate with the world and not use a cell phone?

I don’t!

I mean, mostly I don't and I'm both amused and feel pity. You know the kind, you see 'em at seminars who on every break are rushing out to be on their phone. And the first thing they gotta do when the airplane lands is get on the phone. I mean, they gotta be communicating all the time. I find them funny and I also genuinely feel sad for them because it seems to me to be a miserable way to live. And so mostly I don't.

I can go days without communicating with the office and it having no way to communicate with me and everything's okay and everything's gonna wait for a lot of reasons.

This is an intentionally and carefully managed process to give me a lot of freedom and peace of mind, as well as maximum productivity by working without interruption.

For example, at Day with Dan, my ‘lifers’ were pretty good and had their time managed extremely well, but still a lot of these people, every break, gotta be out of the room back on a phone. I'm like the only one who never has a phone call. So for those two days I was in Orlando, for Day with Dan and for Funnel Hacking Live, I never called the office.

I never got a call. I was undisturbed and able to focus on what I was there to do and fully enjoy the experience without the interruptions and the disruptions.

And after I came home, for several days, I still didn’t check the phone machine and I’d unplugged my personal fax when I leave, because I don't like to come home and find a tray full of stuff. So I just disconnected it and plug it back in when I returned home.

Busy doesn’t mean ‘productive’ and if you don’t set your own boundaries, others will be only too happy to do it for you. You have to ensure your own freedom in your business. So if you’re a NO B.S. Letter subscriber, you can keep hearing what I do to keep my freedom inside your members portal in the Renegade Millionaire Time Management program.

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