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One of my TOP Recession Refusal Strategies

Monday, November 14, 2022

One of my TOP Recession Refusal Strategies

Famous chef Julia Child said that a party without cake is just a meeting. Harvey Pennick described golf as: a good walk spoiled. Differing opinions about golf make sense, but who doesn’t like cake?

In advertising and marketing, you are either trying to hit on the cake – something EVERYBODY likes and can be interested in, say the amazing new pillow, or you are working with golf – the thing that many will be disinterested in, but that those who are interested in it are rabid, addicted, passionate, so, if you can identify and reach only them, you can sell to the majority of a minority and get rich very efficiently.

Personally, I’ve made money for myself and for clients with both cake and golf, but I find it consistently more formulaic and likely to succeed in selling golf to the few who eat, sleep, think and obsess over that golf, rather than cake to many who might like it but might not want it today at my price. I like selling into obsessions. Acute pain or terror or rage or embarrassment. Incendiary ambition. Into strong emotions. I prefer selling something that, when seen by John, John MUST HAVE IT, rather than selling something that when seen by Jim, he can take it or leave it today.

Every time there is trauma in the economy, lots of business owners stampede together, in a race to the bottom, believing they have to…

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Enjoy today’s Memo and remember that Just because there is a recession, there’s no law that says you have to participate. You can refuse.

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