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Powers of Exceptional Entrepreneurs & Salesman

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Powers of Exceptional Entrepreneurs & Salesman

Instead of clouding other man's minds, the top performer in selling has to learn how to strictly control his own mind. So let's look at the issues of focus and concentration:

For the sales pro seeking exceptional results, as it is for those seeking the same results in many other fields, the ability to totally control one's own mind, set aside all extraneous thoughts and worries, and concentrate exclusively on the task at hand is remarkably important.

Everybody has problems. Everybody has distractions, and the temptation to let those kinds of things drift in and out of your mind is enormous. I've long been able to compartmentalize things in my mind, put each thing in a compartment of its own, and close the doors shut on all the compartments except the one I need to focus all my energies on at the moment. I believe this discipline accounts for a lot of my personal success in selling.

People who work at regular jobs, freely wallow all their personal, family, financial, health, and relationship troubles to the detriment of their job performance. But they get their paychecks anyway. When I step onto the stage to sell to a group, I do not have a guaranteed paycheck and I cannot afford to give even a fleeting thought to anything but selling.

If you've ever worked at an office or had a group of employees around you, then you know most of the continuing conversation has to do with everything happening in everybody's personal lives - who has marriage problems, family problems, car problems, kid problems - the soap opera dominates. And if an employee has some kind of personal problem, he or she can dramatically suck up the aspirin, wander around in a daze, ring hands, sit at the desk, head in hands, getting nothing much done and everybody understands. That's the world of the paycheck earner.

Television reinforces that this is the way life is supposed to be. Sitcoms and dramas alike, depict people in the work environment mostly dealing with discussing and sharing their personal and family problems - not doing work.

But, that's not my world. And it's not your world either, if you aspire to exceptional results in selling.

I once went in front of a group of people and sold $56,000 of my books and audio courses in 60 minutes. The night before, I'd been informed that my mother's condition had worsened and she'd been readmitted to the hospital, was wrestling with a long nagging tax problem, supposedly in good faith negotiation with the IRS, but getting lied to and stabbed in the back, and questioning the competence of my tax advisor, and I could go on.

I've got a plate full of problems, but as it gets within an hour of my presentation, I have to lock all that stuff away in its compartments. I have to clear my mind of all that, clear my body of all the related tension and fatigue, and just focus.

Now we're not alone in this need to focus. The professional athlete has to be able to do this. Those who don't, won't, or can't may have satisfactory careers, but they never achieved superstar star status.

In the final game of any sport, that night cames down to this - which team, which coach, and which key players are more clearly and totally focused on the task at hand versus which are even fleetingly distracted by pain, fatigue, the crowd, the media, personal problems, or whatever.

Be present in the current needs of your business, and as you do so, let me give you some of the best tools for you to fix the existing leaks and grow the opportunities in front of you and how to strictly control your own mind in my Brass Balls course, which is free in your member's area if you’re a NO B.S. subscriber.

But if you’re not a part of NO B.S. yet, let me give you the Brass Balls course, along with multiple other courses worth $19,997 for free as a gift to get started today.

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