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Preparing For The Phenomenon

Friday, October 28, 2022

Preparing For The Phenomenon

Are there any unique or different time management and self health management challenges that come with success that you don't have when you're first getting started?

In short yes – counting money.

But in truth, opportunity selection becomes a bigger and bigger challenge because the more successful you are, the more obviously and visibly productive you are, the more people are drawn to you and the more people come to you with opportunity upon opportunity upon opportunity. Many of them are good and all of them are seductive. And so you need litmus tests.

A litmus test will help you make decisions quickly and efficiently – decisively sort things out. And the other big thing for people to really kind of keep in mind is preparation before opportunity.

There is this thing I've called The Phenomenon in the past. To quote Earl Nightingale, he said prophetically, at least for me, that there will come a time in your life when you'll have the opportunity to accomplish more in 12 months than in the previous 12 years.

And again, as I've been around more and more super achievers and the two experiences they seem to all have in common are this: One is some huge wipe out and recovery and the other this period of time when everything clicked and and suddenly in a matter of months they had more going on and more opportunity and more money flowing to them and more ways to make money and more people standing in line to give them money than they had in the previous 10 years all added together. And when that happens you've gotta be able to harvest it, because it's not gonna happen repetitively.

For most people, it's not gonna extend over a long time. The day in the sun is followed by a day in the rain just, as it was preceded by a day in the rain. And so the skills and the methods and the mindsets that we've been talking about are important to master and employ to be ready for when this Phenomena occurs.

And conversely, it's my opinion that mastering them and employing them accelerates the arrival of the phenomena.

And what's the number one strategy that allows the arrival of the phenomenon? The willingness to manage your time today according to my system. I’ve seen it again and again and again.

So obviously. several things still surprise me about how people choose to manage their time, or react to my way, but for the sake of our time - mainly their overall unwillingness.

Even after hearing all of the time management principles and seeing it up close and considering it and finding the case I make rational, seeing people still continuing to operate the same way people have always operated.

You know, I watch people go to extraordinary extremes to protect everything but their time. They won't tolerate anything being interfered with or abused or stolen. So they lock up their valuables. They buy burglar alarms. They've got an alarm and a do-hickey on their steering wheel to keep anybody from stealing their car. If they're in an office where people share a refrigerator, God forbid somebody should eat three pieces of their celery because everybody's gonna hear about it.

Just like the fax machine became a home appliance, shredders became a home appliance and everybody's got one to protect themselves against identity theft. Now it’s digital identity theft products. But yet they're still willing to let people steal their time with impunity and not be angered by this and not be motivated to really do something about it. And I honestly don't get it.

It still surprises me when I see otherwise smart people with their business life completely out of control and being pulled this way and that way and scurrying out to use the phone every chance they get, and I'm actually surprised when they still don't get what I do and why I do it. It just seems so sensible and logical to me and so odd that they will go to great extremes to protect everything else, while letting the one asset that can't be replenished or replaced, insured, or bought again, the one asset that dissipates and can never be replenished – that they don't fight to protect.

So I've talked to people about it. I've speculated and I have yet to come up with any explanation that seems to serve well as to why this disconnect exists, but it clearly does.

But it’s one of the key pieces standing in the way of the Phenomenon occurring in your life.

This is how you prepare. Use one of your credits and listen to “The Phenomenon” for free which once sold for $997 but is now instantly available inside of the Diamond Members area under the ‘Whole Enchilada’ to prepare yourself.

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