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Stop Thinking Shortcuts Are Bad

Friday, November 04, 2022

Stop Thinking Shortcuts Are Bad

Here's something that gets preached against that shouldn’t get preached against. Some people are ingrained that this is a bad thing.

It was big deal for me to discover that they don't give you more money for doing it the longer or harder way. Seems like you should get extra, but you don't. They do not add more to the deposit when you take it to the bank if you say, “I did this the hard way - I figured this all out for myself. I didn't go buy a book, I didn't go listen to anybody, I didn't go check with anybody who's ever done it before. I didn't do any of that. I'm real proud of myself, because I started by inventing fire. I figured out how to make fire from rocks and sunlight. That's where I started.” They don't give you any more money. Just take the same deposit & put it in the bank. So, you might as well use the lighter, right?

But a lot of people do that!

A successful gentleman once said to me, “My whole life is about finding shortcuts.”

Not bad.

The big shortcuts are what other people know through experience. Now that's important because it's different than what other people ‘know’. It's what other people know through experience.

There's a Lion, a Donkey and a Fox and they're all out rabbit hunting. And at the end of the day, they got this big pile of rabbits they’ve all caught and the Lion says to the Donkey, “Why don't you go divide up the rabbits fairly among us?” And so the donkey goes and he makes three piles of rabbits, at which point the Lion kills the Donkey, eats some of the Donkey and throws him up on the pile of rabbits.

And now he says to the Fox, why don't you divide to rabbits up fairly amongst the two of us. So the Fox goes and makes a big pile of rabbits on one hand and takes one scrawny, little one for himself and goes off on his own. And the Lion says, “How did you learn to count so well.”

And the Fox says, “I learned from the Donkey.”

See - that's knowledge from experience! That’s not knowledge from somebody that sat in a college somewhere and wrote a book, or knowledge from somebody who went and got it from four other people and just rewrote it (and there’s a lot of that going around). That's knowledge from somebody that actually had some experience, usually successful and unsuccessful, and has now synthesized it and is willing to share it in his or her own way, shape or form.

Look for the shortcuts, but beware who you’re looking to for ’em If you’re looking for marketing or business secrets to regain your time while growing a successful business using marketing that actually grows said business, you should be reading my newsletter. Give it a shot and I’ll also give you access to my best courses on just those topics as my free gift to you. Go try it out for yourself and listen for yourself.

There are shortcuts available and proven paths laid out in front of you. You just have to search them out, grab ‘em and stat applying them for yourself.

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