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Success Is About Behaviors

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Success Is About Behaviors

Success is more about behavior than attitudes.

Today I want to focus on Behavior Congruency, which is tied directly to time management and productivity.

If a person behaves in a way that is incongruent with their goals, and they're trying to achieve the objective they say they have, they can't get it. The achievement is a reflection of behavior far more so than attitude.

So if you want to be a real estate magnet like Trump with your name on big buildings and doing multimillion dollar deals, then you need to find several of those people who are already doing that, identify the behaviors they have in common, and emulate them.

You're not gonna be able to be that person by emulating the behaviors of part-time residential real estate agents who hangs a license in an office and sits in an open house on weekends. It just doesn't match.

And specific to time management, if you come to the table and say, “Gee, I wish I could get everybody to come to me. I wish I could get people to be more respectful of my time. I wish I could get my employees to communicate with me in a more effective and efficient manner. And I wish I could get myself liberated from constant access via cell phone and email.”

Then you've got to align your behavior with somebody who lives that way, who operates their business that way. You can't continue to behave the way people do who have their time disrespected, have their staff in chaos, have constant interruptions and have their cell phone glued to their ear.

So it really is about changing behavior.

I have of eclectic taste in television, and I also click faster than any clicker on the planet, and I clicked into the World Wrestling Federation a few nights ago, and I didn't recognize the character, the wrestler who was in the ring beating his chest and screaming at the moment, but I did write down a line that he said. Apparently it’s common street talk, unbeknownst to me, but he kept repeating over and over again, “Don't talk about it – Be about it.”

And you know, it's very good language because it addresses the issue of behavior above proclamation or above attitude. This is really no different than anything else. It begins and ends with your own behavior.

So there are behaviors you should be actively doing to keep yourself productivity focused so you get more done and reach your goals faster in the coming year. Let me help you by giving you my “Renegade Millionaire: Time Management System” for free. Quickly sign up for my NO B.S. Newsletter and you’ll get access to this, plus multiple courses worth $19,997 instantly.

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