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The ‘Angst’ Around Limiting Access to Myself

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The ‘Angst’ Around Limiting Access to Myself

I don’t have a cell phone and in order to reach me there’s a whole system of faxes and FedEx and filtering before it comes across my desk possibly weeks later.

So occasionally, people and clients can get aggravated by the way that I choose to limit access to myself, and so naturally I’ve been asked what I say to them when their perceived concern pops into a conversation.

First, you can get 'em out of it by being funny about it, but for the most part I have to have the “here's how I work” talk. I do that early in the relationship and occasionally again,, and after a little while again.

So if I go to a new vendor and ask for price quotes and information, my query letter that tells 'em right out of the gate, “Here's how I work - I want a fax, I don't want a phone call and I don't want an email. It's gonna be a week before I respond.” So I'm doing my best to explain the rules of engagement. And I do my best to present it in a light that it's not just for my benefit, it's for their benefit too.

And so for example, the phone thing. There may be a delay before you can get to me. Well, you may not really like not being able to pick up the phone and just call me and have to go through my secretary and get a phone call scheduled. On the other hand, you'll never play phone tag with me, you'll never leave a message and wonder when in the devil somebody's gonna get back to you or did they get the message or what the hell's happening. And when you do have a time scheduled to talk to me, you're gonna talk to me and I'm gonna be prepared to talk to you.

So I do my best to sort of couch it as a win-win deal. I'll acknowledge the fact that it's frustrating and that this is different. And it is different than the way most people are used to being in a business relationship. But then I'm willing ultimately to drive someone away or to part company with anybody at any period of time.

I would do this regardless of the business that I was in. You could transplant me tomorrow to a catering company, to an event planning company, to a photography student, to financial services on and on and on. And I would be playing the game exactly the same way.

Could I just send them my Renegade Millionaire Time Management training for entrepreneurs? Of course, but which of them would ever listen to it? Would you listen if it gave you the reins to your business instead of letting everyone else run your every moment?

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