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The Most Important Time Management Tip for Sales Pros

Friday, March 17, 2023

Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

Bill Brooks and I co-authored one book on time management. He has also written his own and recorded an audio program for Nightingale Conant on time management, specifically for salespeople.

Here's the big secret that he and I agree on. The objective or purpose of time management should be to increase the amount of time spent on planned accomplishments. Bill further notes that an important aspect of time management is identifying what not to do. I find that success is proportionate to your ability to give more time to those things you do and enjoy best and less time to those things you do poorly and dislike doing.

Now, if you assemble those pieces, here's what you get: Escape the least productive in favor of the most productive by the plan. And the keyword in all of this is plan.

Do you have a true plan for selling – for the month, the week, the day. But while all that's important, it may not be the most important thing I can tell you about time.

I think everybody must budget blocks set aside and invest some time every week in “thinking”. Stopping doing and just – thinking. You can't afford to keep running so fast and so hard that a year from now, you are trying to do better only by running a bit faster and a bit harder. That's the rat on the treadmill method. You do max out, and you will burn out – if your aorta doesn't blow out. So let me say this again, you can not afford to keep running so fast and so hard that a year from now, you're trying to do better only by running a bit faster and a bit harder.

Instead, between now and then, you need to discover or invent a really new, different non-time intensive way to sell more. And that has to come from the time invested in thinking.

And this applies to all business. If you want to dive much deeper into managing your time you can access the “Renegade Millionaire Time Management course, which is available for free inside of your NO BS account right now.

And if you’re not a part of NO B.S. yet, let me give you the “Renegade Millionaire Time Management” course for free, included with $19,997 in free gifts when you give it a try today.

If you can learn to manage your time, you’ll easily manage your sales & your business!

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy
Magnetic Marketing

P.S. Don’t forget, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.

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