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The ONE Thing That Is Vital and Valuable to Almost Any Business

Thursday, December 15, 2022

The ONE Thing That Is Vital and Valuable to Almost Any Business

To answer that question, I want to back up for a moment and ask a different question, “how do you create glue, stickiness, in your business with your customers?”

For most, they have no answer.

If you have an actual pain of disconnect… in monopoly… so think of the utility company. If you can pull the plug and wreak havoc, and on top of that, if you are the only one who can fix the havoc then you don’t have to worry about stickiness. But there are very few of us in that position.

The rest of us are detailing with intellectual and emotional pain of disconnect or the flipside of that - intellectual and emotional connection. And we need tactics and tools and a means of sustaining a relationship and keeping them interested in us.

And what I have found based on a mountain of fact-generating experience, and not just in my business, but in an endless variety of businesses, small and large, local and national in scope. There is no one thing more vital and valuable to almost any business than a good customer newsletter.

I spent some young adult years in the Amway business and, unlike many, I actually had a pretty good-sized retail business. Probably at it’s peak, 200 retail customers had products delivered to them. For most of that, the ongoing purchasing was because of the personal relationship much more than because of the consumers' preference for the products. In fact, they were tempted all the time when they went to the supermarket to get other stuff, like to grab a box of Tide detergent if they were getting low on Amazy SA8, or to grab a new spray cleaner they had seen advertised on TV.

Keeping them… “loyal” is the wrong word, but keeping them purchasing without wandering off the reservation – it was all about relationships. And with most customers, that required not just calling up and saying, “You need more X and more Y and more Z, and I’m gonna deliver on Thursday,” but then on Thursday, also petting the dog, maybe doing a little magic trick for the kid, and sitting down and talking with the customers as if they were a friend.

And so I’ve always viewed my customer newsletters and those I’ve helped others construct as fulfilling that purpose of the monthly or bi-monthly visit. The term newsletter is industry standard, and we sort of all understand what that means in a physical form. But a better term for it would be visit letter.

For me, it’s always been the newsletter. It’s the place to put the collected customer, and it’s the place to continue to interact with the collected customer. And then another purpose, the financial purpose. Without abusing the privilege, it’s the opportunity to advertise, market, promote, and sometimes sell the customer.

So if you are the chiropractor, the newsletter gives you an opportunity 12 times a year to talk about 12 different conditions that some family member or friend of the patient may have, thereby stimulating a referral.

I have created a checklist of sorts, of the component parts that I have developed and stuck with for the newsletter. This month’s Diamond Masterclass “Creating Your Customer Newsletter” will be released in your members portal on December 15th. This is a brand-new 1-hour class specifically on specific ways that you can create the glue and stickiness for your business.

Here is just a snippet of what I am covering:

  • What makes for a “good” customer newsletter? (HINT: There are two simple tests that help determine this.)
  • The real goal of a customer newsletter that no one tells you about
  • The 8 component parts that make every great newsletter
  • ​Examples of members who are getting this right.

If you are a Diamond member, I’m told you can login to the members portal, and go to the 2022 Masterclass section to access this month’s presentation.

Or if you’re not a member, and you just want to test the waters with my NO B.S. Newsletter, let me give you over $19,997 of pure, money-making training for FREE when you give it a try. For training on this particular matter, you’ll want to start with the Midas Touch Direct training, yours free for giving the newsletter a try.

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