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The Role of Positive Thinking

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

The Role of Positive Thinking

In 1994 the great Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, the author of “The Power of Positive Thinking” passed away after a long, very productive contributive life that earned him international respect and the love and admiration of millions of people. Mrs. Peale occasionally came and spoke briefly at the large public seminar events where I used to speak with Zig Ziglar, Peter Lowe and others, and the crowds demonstrated their enormous affection for the Peale’s without exception.

I share their respect and do not want that misunderstood when I also say that I find people's confusion about positive thinking leads to a lot of frustration, failure, and unhappiness. These are the people who want to jump down the throat of anyone who acknowledges a flaw in a plan and responds to them with, “Hey, don't talk negative.”

Well, let me tell you about the positive power of negative preparation.

Any smart strategist, a military technician, a professional coach, a negotiation specialist will tell you that acknowledging and planning for problems and obstacles and having an overall positive attitude is possible and practical. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

I don't know of a more positive, enthusiastic, vibrant guy than my speaking colleague, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, nicknamed because whenever anybody asks him how things are, Charlie says, “Tremendous!” But Charlie also says, “Plan on your plan going wrong, so you have another plan. That's my plan.” Well, is he a negative thinker? Can you believe in Murphy's law and still be a positive thinker?

Here's how the sales strategist and tactician answers that: “The true positive thinker acknowledges potential and existing negative circumstances and reactions, and engineers a plan to overcome them in order to achieve positive results.”

You see, there's a path to a sale and along the path there are obstacles, rocks, fallen trees, quick sand - the logical reasons, the fears and doubts, the emotional responses that may prevent a person from buying. Now, you can just charge ahead on that path and rely your wits and your status as a positive thinker to get to the pot of gold at the end. But my preference is to get a scouting report and then prepare. If there's a possibility of a fallen tree being there, it'd be great to have my pocket size chainsaw with me.

So in structuring a sales presentation, I want to honestly understand and acknowledge the arguable and the actual flaws in our product or service, so I can devise the best possible answers and can emphasize the best possible offsetting or compensating advantages. After all, everything in life involves trade offs. There is no perfect person, no perfect place, no perfect food, no perfect product, no perfect proposition (at least none created by humans).

When planning a sales presentation, I want to anticipate the questions, doubts, fears, objections, and stalls that my particular prospects may raise so I'm competently and confidently prepared to respond. Now that doesn't mean you get all worked up over an anticipated, knock down, drag out battle. If things go well, you want to be able to graciously accept them, but you should have less anxiety, not more by being prepared for every possible eventuality. Once that's done, once you are so prepared, I then advocate setting it all aside and mentally practicing the perfect presentation.

Now I’ll talk more about my ‘perfect presentation’ with you in tomorrow’s letter, but if you want to learn how to anticipate the top questions from your potential prospects, as well as pre-discover their doubts, fear, objections, and overall bring home more sales and revenue, I show my NO B.S. Letter subscribers how to sell & learn the the right human behaviors in my full “Midas Touch Selling” course, which is free in your members area.

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