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The Science of Creating a Digital Marketing Funnel That Works

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Creating a Digital Marketing Funnel That Works

In this short post, we’re going to discuss how you can create a funnel. And I don’t mean the one you’ve used in your high school chemistry labs or the one at home you pour oil through. I mean a sales funnel that you could use online to create visitors and turn them into customers to stay, pay, and refer.

Now before we go into how to create a successful digital funnel, we have to understand what a funnel is and how it works. In sales and marketing, a funnel is a model for understanding the process of turning leads into customers. Think of it this way – it’s kind of like taking a prospect through a sequence one step at a time until they become a customer.

Here’s an example:

A typical digital marketing funnel consists of four key stages:

  • Awareness: The prospective customer becomes aware of your brand or product, often via social media, PPC campaigns, SEO-enhanced content, offline through billboards, mailers, etc.
  • Interest: The prospect begins to express interest in your product or service and seeks out more information. In direct response, we have a CTA (Call To Action) to get their interests and turn them into actions.
  • Desire: The prospect develops a desire or intention to purchase your product or service, often encouraged through tailored content and personalized retargeting strategies.
  • Action: The prospect converts into a customer by making a purchase, subscribing, or performing another desired action.
Digital Marketing Funnel

These four stages are also called AIDA, which you’ll later learn if you ever get into copywriting.

Now creating a successful funnel isn't some paint-by-numbers gig. It's equal parts art, science, and good old-fashioned elbow grease. But if you're looking for the a blueprint, here it is:

1. Your #1 Best Friend – Data

No guru or expert in the world can tell you the exact formula for funnel success. Sure, we can get close through past experience, but I'm going to tell you something you might not want to hear: fall in love with data. Customer behaviors, purchase patterns, browsing histories—it's all gold. Tools like Google Analytics, if you’re running ads, backend platforms such as Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, and now TikTok are your best friend. They can show you who's visiting your funnels, what they're looking at, and how long they're sticking around, what percentage opted in…and ultimately, how many bought vs how many did not. And from there on, you can use retargeting strategies to bring them back or follow up via email, text messaging, and more.

2. Test, Test, and Test Some More

If you're not A/B testing, you're not really marketing. It's as simple as that. Always test your headlines, your images, your calls-to-action—test everything. You're not looking for "good enough," you're looking for "can't do better." The best marketers in the world always try to beat their current controls.

AB Testing

3. Personalization and Retargeting

People want to feel special, like you're talking directly to them. And with personalization, you can do just that. Act like you’re speaking to one customer, client, or patient. Use your data to craft messages that hit home. And don't forget about retargeting. If someone shows interest in your product, don't let them walk away. Keep your brand front and center and lure them back again and again and again until they buy.

4. Automation: Your Secret Weapon

Automation is like cloning yourself. Suddenly, you're everywhere at once. It’s one of the 4 ways to leverage yourself. Automate your email marketing, your social media posts, and your ad campaigns. Make sure your message hits when and where it's most likely to make an impact.

If you want to take it further…you can have people automate the work you would do.

Example: Hiring an expert that's better than you at the job.

Here’s a little caveat: I have a saying, “you never want to outsource two things – Your marketing and the checkbook.” So you create the strategy and let the person do the work.

But if you want to grow over time – you’ll need people, content, team, or code to help guide you to the next level. And lastly, don’t forget the art of engagement. Sure, the numbers are essential but don't forget the human element. Tell stories. (Highly recommend grabbing one of my books and learning story selling) and spark conversations. Make your brand something people want to be a part of. The best funnels don't feel like funnels—they feel like a journey the customer is thrilled to take.

Now before I end this, here is an example outline for a funnel you can use to grow digitally:

  • Squeeze Page or Landing Page: This is the first page a potential customer sees. Its goal is to capture the visitor's attention and convince them to provide their contact information, usually in exchange for something of value like a free report, eBook, webinar access, or other incentive. This turns anonymous website visitors into leads that you can follow up with.
  • Sales Page: Once a visitor becomes a lead, the next stage in Brunson's funnel is the sales page. This page uses copywriting and other techniques to convince the lead of the benefits of the product or service and persuade them to make a purchase.
  • Order Form: If the lead is convinced by the sales page, they move on to the order form to complete their purchase. Brunson often suggests adding an "upsell" option on the order form, offering the customer an additional product or service that complements their purchase.
  • Thank You Page: The final stage in the funnel is the thank you page, which confirms the purchase and thanks the customer. It's also another opportunity for an upsell or cross-sell or to encourage the customer to share their purchase on social media or with friends.

Remember, a funnel is nothing more than grabbing a prospect's attention and turning them into a customer.

And he who can spend the most to acquire a customer – wins. If you want to learn more about creating successful funnels…you can join my NO B.S. newsletter, where I share monthly content and strategies so you can stand out from the crowd and win at the game of business.

Let’s get into it…

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