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Unlocking Celebrity Marketing

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Unlocking Celebrity Marketing

Celebrity marketing really has two sides to it.

One is, and I continually say to people, that they miss the boat by not linking celebrities, be it Hollywood or be it sports, to their product services and their businesses. I think this is a woefully underused opportunity and there's abundant evidence that it makes all the difference in the world.

You could not sell that stupid grill without George Foreman or somebody like him.

The Home Shopping Network has discovered that for 9/10 products, you better have a famous person or they don't work. Exceptions are like Ron Popil’s products, where the product really is the star, like his Chop-O-Matic, Mr. Microphone, Mince-O-Matic Ronoco Seal-A-Meal, and so on.

Even small businesses and local businesses get bumps when they do celebrity marketing, be they local celebrities or national celebrities and what's important for you to know about all this is it's not as expensive as everybody thinks. It's not all that difficult to do. There are more celebrities looking for a paycheck than you would ever possibly imagine.

For example, when you're doing print advertising, whether you're doing regional or local, not national campaigns, there are lots and lots and lots of folks available in the $5,000 to $15,000 a year range for unlimited use of picture endorsement and autograph, then you can get more complex from there.

The other edge of this is, by all means make yourself a celebrity to your clientele and in your target market. And by that I mean, do the things that celebrities do. Write a book, do interviews, get articles published, be visible at major events within the industry, be seen with other famous people - do all of the things that a celebrity does in order to be a celebrity.

And there are what I call, and I include myself in, a group of famous people that nobody’s ever heard of.

When we're in an airport, we're not famous, but within our clientele, we are famous. Now you probably don't care and you may not even want to be so famous that you can't walk through an airport, but it's nice to be so famous that you can't walk casually through a property insurance convention without being mobbed by people who want to talk to you. That's good business.

And, and that doesn't happen by accident. You create it.

So whether you’d think of hiring a celebrity or becoming one, there’s a set of ingredients that are necessarily important for both. Let me give you the playbooks to your next mailer or campaign in CD 1.3 of my ‘Midas Touch Marketing’ inside your members area.

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