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Friday, February 24, 2023

Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

It wasn’t that long ago in the dental world, when Invisalign became a thing that every dentist and orthodontist wanted to talk about Invisalign and it’s virtues.

Do you remember the Pocket Hose? It was all the rage with it’s informercial. Until everyone started making a version of it.

If you regularly watch Shark Tank, you will pretty much see at least one an episode, where somebody has put their heart and soul into their product. And then when asked “who will buy this?” They don’t have an answer, or their answer is “everyone needs this!”

Well please.

I recently saw this product that didn’t get a deal, but I see it has come to market. And my sympathy to the relatives who put money in. It’s silverware that is edible. So after you finish your meal, you eat the silverware. And it’s in 5 different flavors. So we are saving the world because we’re not washing and we’re not throwing plastic in the ocean. And there is no second hand use of anything. But who is turned on by this? And they were questioned on Shark Tank, “well it’s cool, but who is it for?

This is a perfect example of a Product-focused business. They love their product, but didn’t figure out who was going to be able to buy it. And even if they had figured out a who, they didn’t think through how they can be reached effectively and affordably?

And why it was so important that I dedicated a BRAND NEW Masterclass specifically for our Diamond Members, “Finding the Center of Your Business!” where I’m revealing my blueprint for creating a Customer-focused business. This is the same blueprint that I use with my private clients who pay $19,800 for just one day of consulting.

Or if you just want to test the waters with my NO B.S. Newsletter, let me give you over $19,997 of pure, money-making training for FREE when you give it a try. For training on this particular matter, you’ll want to start with the Midas Touch Direct training, yours free for giving the newsletter a try.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy
Magnetic Marketing

P.S. Don’t forget, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.

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