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What is Take-A-Way Selling?

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Help! I Need To Find Good Employees

Takeaway Selling is what you get the opportunity to do if your positioning is correct and you have enough lead flow. Then you get to make it a bit difficult to get to you and to get to do business with you. There's a rough equation of value-to-ease or difficulty.

Which do you perceive as better: A hair salon where you have to make an appointment a week in advance and you have a stylist who takes care of you every time. Or a walk-in, no appointment, hair cutter store?

Which do you perceive as cheaper? As I’ve said before, “Nobody goes to see the wise man at the bottom of the mountain”. So takeaway selling embodies some exclusivity, some difficulty of getting you, and some urgency.

In my NO BS sales book. I use the example of a very successful real estate agent with an unusual listing presentation. If prospects bulk at her, she says something like this: “Well, different approaches are right for different people. You may be more comfortable with a more conventional agent. Somebody who will sit here day after day at open houses, be around the office whenever you call and not be so selective about taking clients”.

Then she opens her address book and says, “I could recommend several good agents of that kind.

Now that's pretty tough, but she has set it up right from the very beginning, which I fully described in the book, so invariably, the prospect back pedals. “No, wait a minute… we want you”.

See takeaway selling is positioning from start to finish. It basically says, “I'm picky about who I accept as a client. Can you qualify?

I didn't invent this. In major cities like New York and LA, there are apartment buildings you can't go rent an apartment in. To be allowed to rent or buy there, you have to be sponsored by an existing tenant. You have to pass a vote of all the tenants. You have to jump through hoops just to be permitted to buy. In Hollywood you can't just roll into one of the top talent agencies and say, “Hey, here I am. Represent me.” You have to prove to them that you are a viable, desirable client.

Many doctors, hair stylists, therapists, and attorneys have what we call ‘Waiting List Practices’. Why shouldn't you carry this area of exclusivity over to your business?

And the point is, if you have enough deal flow, enough new prospects being magnetically attracted to you, you will have to say, “No” to some and the truer that position becomes, the more ardently you'll be pursued.

Everybody wants the tickets they can't get - into the club that's most exclusive, to bypass the peon line at the city's most popular nightclub - we all want in. Stepping back from a prospect draws him to you, stepping toward him drives him away. Try it as a little physical experiment in conversation. So I want to be positioned from the very beginning with credibility and as a celebrity, as some clients eagerly pursue, not as someone who pursues new clients.

Now what if you haven’t positioned yourself and you desperately need new clients?

There are multiple keys that you can utilize in building your takeaway status and opportunities, all of which I discuss in multiple courses, including…

- “Renegade Millionaire Time Management
- “Brass Balls”
- “Midas Touch for Selling”

And more, all of which you can unlock instantly when you choose to try my NO B.S. Newsletter as a free gift today.

Dedicated To Multiplying Your Income,

Dan Kennedy
Magnetic Marketing

P.S. Don’t forget, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins.

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