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What Makes A Great Marketing Campaign?

Thursday, December 28, 2023

What Makes A Great Marketing Campaign?

When it comes to creating a marketing campaign, you really have to look first at who you’re targeting.

One of the things I like to tell everyone, especially business owners and private clients is “Don’t Play Blind Archery.”

What I really mean is, at least half of the battle is won via selection, not “creative”. This means selecting the right audience in a great marketing campaign is far more important than the copy, offer, the message or anything else.

Mediocre marketing aimed at a very well-selected target will get superior results.

Exceptional marketing aimed at a sloppy selected market, may at best, deliver mediocre results.

When it comes to creating a GREAT marketing campaign, selection is where it’s at. I challenge business people to create a very, very, very detailed profile of their current typical customer and their ideally desired customer.

Your success at attracting or finding the ones you want depends on knowing who and what you’re looking for.

It’s obvious that, when you have exceptional marketing with exceptional selection – you hit a home run. Not to toot my own horn, but that is how I’ve generated my private hundreds of millions of dollars.

With a deep understanding of the market, selecting the right people, and creating a great marketing campaign that aligns with that market/people.

Now, what creates a great marketing campaign after you’ve chosen the right selection?

Creating A Great Marketing Campaign

All marketing campaigns start with an offer. What is the market currently dealing with that you want to solve, when you can create an offer around that, your marketing campaign starts.

Through your offer, you can create a message, and then write a copy to get it out to your customers, clients, or patients.

Creating Great Offers

Creating Great Offers

I’ve long taught a course on creating irresistible offers, which you can find more about at

I actually have a great quote that has gone around town that states, “It’s the offer, stupid”, which really hits home on why most marketing campaigns don’t work. I also taught the idea of THUD offers.

Anyways, an offer isn’t your product or your service – your product is your product and your service is your service.

Your offer typically includes much more than that. It's basically everything you give to your client and in the process you do it... and everything you get in return and the way you do that.

So think of offers as a process. How does your service work, what’s the process, or if you had a physical product, how does that work, what is it, why should I buy it.

See, I like going to nice restaurants, especially in the casino in Cleveland. I don’t just go there for the food, although it’s amazing.

If I just went for the food, I would justify spending $20. But when it includes things such as jazz music, immaculate staff who treat you really well, greet you, pour your water or wine into the glass, and then thank you for being there — you end up paying $150 to $250 while you’re there.

Now that’s an offer.

Nowadays it’s very hard to make a general offer – you have to stand out, go into a smaller market and dominate there before you come, and play with bigger players.

You have to create a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). And I would highly recommend validating your offer before you throw any money behind paid advertising.

One of the key things I’ve done is talk with my ideal prospect. So if my prospect is a dentist, spending an hour with him gave me more valuable keys to add into my offer or message or copy, that I would have previously never thought of.

So talk to your prospect.

Which brings me to my next point. Once you’ve decided on an offer. You have to create a message or in other words – the copy that is going to get your copy prospect to buy.

Your Message & Copy

Your Message & Copy

Once you’ve decided on your offer, the next step to creating a great marketing campaign is creating your message.

A lot of people nowadays argue that what worked in direct mail wouldn’t work online – but the principles of direct marketing have NOT changed ever. And they will never change.

As I always say “A buyer is a buyer of a buyer”, meaning, everyone loves to buy and they like to buy multiple things.

Ask yourself this question: “When was the last time you bought something, and why did you buy it?”, I highly doubt you NEEDED it, but you most likely wanted it. It played on your desires, fear, hopes, and dreams.

So when writing copy, you really wanna hone into the prospect or your customer's fears, desires, hopes and dreams.

Copy is not about YOU. It’s about your prospect. You can’t convince people YOU want them to do something. You have to take their desire and channel them into what YOU want them to do.

You see, people don’t change; only the direction of their desires do.

In copywriting, there are millions and millions of people, who have certain desires, fears, and hopes. They want the house, the hot women, the car, the status, heck you may do as well.

  • Now how do you channel that into your copy?
  • How do you channel their fears?
  • How do you channel their desires?

I once wrote a headline that stated:

“Who Else Wants To Be A Renegade Millionaire?

Who Else Wants To Defy All Normal, Common, Ordinary,
Customary Boundaries And Restriction On Making Money – On
The Speed, The Ease, And The Independence?

Welcome To A ‘Radical Underground’...”

You see how THAT plays into the desires, hopes, perhaps fears or dreams?

You have to create something similar that plays to your market's desires, fears, hopes, and dreams.

After that whether you want to plug it into a “funnel” or a direct mail campaign, or something else that is up to you. But that is overall how you create great messaging that allows your prospects to walk in, all by themselves.

Great marketing almost never “feels” like marketing, it feels like the prospect WANTED to do it.

So there you have it. That’s how you create your messaging/copy onto your campaigns.

If you want to learn more, I wrote another article talking about writing compelling copy, which you can read in your free time.

A Few Thoughts

A Few Thoughts

Before I leave you with this – not every campaign is going to work.

And chances are you may be afraid to launch your first or next campaign.

Just note – you have to go through the ringer if you’re getting started.

Never see a campaign as failed, but what lessons did you get from it. Some of my greatest campaigns came after tweaking a thing or two.

And often there has been a slight change of a single word in the headline, and violà – it works.

So at first if your marketing campaign doesn’t work that is okay. One of the things I like to tell my private clients is – you’re going to lose money upfront and make money back in the future.

The biggest lie in marketing is – you can break even or be profitable on the front-end. Trust me, I’ve tried, and it’s HARD. You can get close but breaking even on the front end for a long period of the time is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

That is why I talk about customer longevity.

I would recommend having a high-ticket product on the backend especially if you’re in the internet marketing space. Or a membership of some sort.

We’ve run our NO B.S. Letter for as long as I can remember, and it has been the longest, standing, newsletter we’ve created back in my GKIC days, and it still exists now in Magnetic Marketing.

So there you have it – what makes a great marketing campaign. If you ever need more you can join a free community on Facebook, or if you’d like to be a paid member, you can start by joining our NO B.S. Letter.

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