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What Must Companies Do to Be Competitive in Today's Market

Sunday, November 12, 2023

What Must Companies Do to Be Competitive in Today's Market

Business is playing the long game. Yes, you can win in the short but everyone and their best friend are focused on the short.

If you want to win, and win big, go long.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying go slow. What I’m actually saying is go fast, but play the long game.

In one of my courses called The Phenomenon – which you can access for FREE if you are a Diamond Member at - I show how you can do more in 12 months than in your previous 12 years. I show you a sound means of making money, how to strategically create and promote your status, create your personal opportunity orientation, the bias for action, and use of productive association.

I am going to lay out a few things from there, on here, but I can’t write everything ON here, so if you want to get more help, I would suggest becoming a Diamond Member today.

Lesson #1: Doing more in 12 months than the previous 12 years

Incrase Your Efforts

Speed. We need to act fast if we want to achieve MORE in 12 months. Speed is not only possible – it is essential.

You know the saying “Beware of get-rich schemes”. Here’s a contrarian idea, Beware of get-rich SLOW schemes.

Nobody wants to get rich slowly. Not even Buffet, and he’s preaching it. If there was a way to make his billions faster, he would’ve.

Lesson #2: You must eliminate the time between idea and action

Now that is worth every penny you’d pay for any of my courses or programs, superconferences, or anything. Eliminating the time between IDEA and ACTION.

Steve Jobs Quote

Steve Jobs had a great quote: “Right now, there are 2 teenagers working tirelessly in their garage, looking to put you out of business”.

So you’re worried about Sally next door, when there are two young guns that are on caffeine, no sleep, working hard? They’re gonna come out of nowhere and scoop your business, and you won’t even see it.

And it’s not just two. It’s THOUSANDS of them. So you gotta get going if you wanna win.

See, most people think you want to play a fair game. A level playing field. No, you do not want ‘a level playing field.’ No, you do not want a fair game, a fair chance, a fair fight. Nuts to that idea.

We’re grown-ups, in business, playing for keeps. This isn’t Little League or games at summer camp. There’s no award for good sportsmanship. Sure, I know you’ve been taught this nonsense. But who taught it, and how successful were they?

And no, you do not want to fall for the new idea of ‘equity.’ That means forced equal outcomes.

Everybody held back so the laziest could keep up. Eeverybody held down so the least creative, determined, and persistent person gets an equal share. Pfui. We compete in a Darwinian meritocracy: the strongest and smartest survive and the best of those prosper.

Therefore…you can’t permit Wealth Intimidation or Success Guilt as added weight in the race.

You want an UNFAIR advantage

You want to be a leg up, a step ahead.

In the book Russell Brunson, CEO of and I are working on together, he tells the beautiful story of the dumb venture capitalist who couldn’t grasp what Russell was explaining. It’s about how he whipped two competing, enormously well-funded, VC-backed software firms, taking ClickFunnels to $100-Million in 36 months – with its capital his credit card a $1,000 spend limit per day.

Russell was certainly at a funding disadvantage, yet he manufactured an unfair advantage that the big dogs did not have and could not understand even though its secrets were visible: A complete, comprehensive, multistep advertising to marketing to selling system. It featured a multi-trick way of mitigating rising costs of customer acquisition.

I call it a BEAUTIFUL story because it illustrates a grand ‘n glorious fact: how often a David topples Goliaths. Seems to come out of nowhere and zoom past bigger – but dumber, less creative – front runners. These are the exceptions that make the reality of possibility for you. You can outwit ‘em. YEP. YOU.

unfair advantage

You want your own Unfair Advantage over all the big, dumb, and dumbest companies in your category of enterprise, over all the typical competitors – those who are mere shopkeepers, simply lazy, or unwilling to do complicated things, and over the foolish competitors temporarily succeeding with use of only ONE media or ONE method. The ice underneath that last group is very very very thin.

One good place to look for advantages, especially in your businesses or others, is PROCESS. I recently discussed this in a new success path video with Darcy Juarez, who is the Chief Business Strategist at Magnetic Marketing. I’ll summarize it here, so we don’t waste time.

Almost every competitor you face has an incomplete sales system or no system at all.

If you will use a full range of online and offline media to drive leads into a funnel where you can then control everything occurring before and leading up to the sale. You will have a specific objective, control everything occurring at and during and immediately after the sale with buyers, everything after the sale with non-buyers, AND you will make consistency, constancy, and frequency your watchwords. When you do this you WILL build an Unfair Advantage Sales System. So “obscenely” unfair that the social equity crowd would want laws against it if they knew about it.

So keep this OUR secret. Compared to you with such a system, everybody else is a one-legged blind man in a sack race. Anybody and everybody is free to build their own unfair advantage systems, so don’t let anybody make you feel guilty about your or its results.

Now I feel like I’m giving too much away for free, but you deserve it. There is so much to be talked about inside of my programs and community, but I want to show you what you’re missing out on.

But it has to be said and stated, are you using direct mail on a consistent level? Are you using online media on a consistent level? Are you using media alone? What about customer/client resources, do you have those? Do you have a special category of clients? Do you have a sales system, where you have scripts, demons, rehearsals, gifts with appointments, upsells, cross-sells, free trials, a puppy dog perhaps?

What about a concern call to your current customers? A thank you call? A stick letter? Customer Education/training? Memberships/Ascension? Risk Reversals? Do you have a distribution? Do you have a means of acquiring customers and information from other customers, competitors, comparables, commercial resources, peers, trusted advisors, study groups, and associations?

This is HOW you beat your competitors in today’s market. It isn’t easy. Nobody said it was easy, but I have put these ideas down for you to implement.

See, the people in our insider circle, and higher understand that these are the foundations their business is built upon. They aren’t just using Facebook ads to create business.

They are using EVERYTHING they can. Everything. Hence why they are some of the biggest businesses in the world. They make millions and millions of dollars year over year, without having to lift a finger. That is what’s possible for you. Now go act.

Remember, you must eliminate the time between idea and action.

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