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What My Smoking Car Next to A Gas Pump Has To Do With Hiring

Thursday, January 26, 2023

What My Smoking Car Next to A Gas Pump Has To Do With Hiring

When I was still able to drive, not blind in one eye, and I had my classic cars, I was driving one of the Jeeps from Columbus to Cleveland. And as antique cars are and want to do, she suddenly had a problem. So smoke is pouring out from under the hood, and I get off the freeway, into a Speedway…

I should have started the story with the fact that I know nothing about automobiles, which is sort of a disqualifier to drive classic calls. I know how to open the hood because that might reduce the likelihood of this thing bursting into flames, but that is the end of my knowledge. In fact, I’m dumb enough to park this next to the gas pump.

I don’t have a cell phone. So I go in and the girl behind the counter immediately says, “are you the guy with the …” “Yeah” I said, “that’s mine.” Now she looks like you might imagine, someone who has been working in low-level jobs for a long period of time. And I say, “I have somebody to call about this but I don’t carry a cell phone. Do you guys still have a payphone or can I use the store phone?”

And she goes into action.

She takes my keys and yells at the other clerk, “you got to go out and move that thing! And if it won’t start, get people to help you and push it away from the gas pump. And see if you can smother what’s producing the smoke!” And off he goes.

She calls another clerk over, tells him to man the register. Grabs her cell phone, comes around the counter to me and says, “who do we need to call?”

I have my car guy on call 24/7 but I say, “you might get voicemail and he’ll call right back.” She does get his voicemail, but doesn’t hand the phone to me, and leaves a message, “I’m so and so and I’m at the Speedway and your client Mr. Kennedy is here and smoke is pouring out of his car. He wants to talk to you.”

Then she turns her attention back on me, “you’re rattled. Come over here, sit down, we’ll get you a beverage. Would you like anything to eat?” The return call comes in, I handle it on her phone, and ultimately they come with the flatbed to pick up the Jeep and bring me a car, and all ends well.

Why would I take the time to tell you this story?

Because it is a great example of someone overperforming in a low-level job. There was no need for her to have done all that she did.

I gave her $100, but more importantly… and the piece that most would never think of… is that I said, “Would you have any interest at all in a different position than the one you’re in that pays better? Because I have a client who could use someone like you.” When I got home, I called a client who has been complaining for weeks about his inbound tele-reps and I said, “I have one for you! It’ll be a bit of a commute, she will be coming from an hour away, and I doubt she has ever been a tele-marketer, but I got a good feeling that you can teach her the phone, but you can’t teach her what I just experienced.”

Do you want to fathom a guess as to how she did? Well, in three months she was number one.

This is just one example of creative thinking when it comes to hiring.

And why it was so important that I dedicated a BRAND NEW Masterclass specifically for our Diamond Members, “Finding Good People!”

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