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What Successful People Get That Most Ignore

Wednesday, November 02, 2022

What Successful People Get That Most Ignore

Successful people get this more than anyone else.

There's a famous Donald Trump story, supposedly true – I have no reason to doubt it, from his hotel days. Trump's inspecting his hotel in Atlantic City and he's going through it with a couple of vice presidents with clipboards. And as he's walking through the hotel, they go in the men's room and there's towels laying on the floor and there's a pool water because one of the toilets is leaking, or something like that. So Trump says, “Get this fixed.” And while one guy with a clipboard scurries off, they go to wherever they go next.

Soon after that, Trump turns around from where they’re supposed to be heading and heads back to the restroom. As he walks in the restroom, there's still a puddle and stuff on the floor and he blows. And the other guy with the clipboard says, “Well, it's only been 10 minutes.”

And Trump says, “Well, you got 10 minutes to go fire other guy and find somebody to clean this up. I'll be back in 11.”

See Trump gets it. Let’s just say one guy goes in there in the 10 minutes and slips on the puddle. You've got yourself a million dollar lawsuit. One high roller goes in there in the minutes between everything and gets his $2,000 pair of shoes wet and decides to go to another hotel next time and you lose a million dollars. Minutes matter. And a lot of people don't get it – Successful people do. It’s about being effective with your time.

So be effective with your minutes and with those people who work with you, you must somehow instill the idea of urgency, that this must be handled now.

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