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Saturday, January 07, 2023

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Here’s a teaser for today’s Monday Memo for Diamond Members!

Today I talk about PT Barnum’s statements to embrace certain facts of success, my thoughts on Napoleon Hill’s book and questions you need to answer to have a successful book. We’re faxing it to Diamond members who’ve requested a fax right now and it’s also available in the Diamond members area.

Note - If you’re “old school”, you can get your Monday Memos via fax machine or eFax by submitting your fax number to my team on this same page.

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Lee Milteer and I were recently commiserating about being book authors.

Like just about every endeavor and achievement, it looks a lot simpler from the outside. Write book, get publisher, get book published, make sure it’s available at Amazon, job done.


If a book is to be productive and profitable, it is, in and of itself, a little business. Her new book, ACTIVATE YOUR INNER POWER, was released in late November and made it to true bestseller status at Amazon (#1 New Release in Spiritual Self-Help; #10 in Self-Help; #22 in Self-Esteem)).

My BEST OF NO B.S. was birthed a little bit earlier and has done very well. But neither of these babies did much of anything merely by being born. As in most cases, ‘the product’ is actually (to many, distressingly) less important than its promotion.

Barnum said that assembling and having “The Greatest Show On Earth” is the ante to get into The Game, not the game and certainly not winning the game assured. I won’t bore you with everything required, every effort, every expense, every complication, every obstacle in getting a birthed book to thrive in the marketplace – it’s a seminar itself. But we can use it and Barnum’s statement to embrace certain facts of success:

  • It does not occur _________, like a ____ from a pile of oily rags in an overheated garage.
  • It is hardly ever the result of any one thing.
  • It is usually the result of a ________ process, partially concealed from view.

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