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Why Being Independent Is King

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Why Being Independent Is King

A lot of what I’ll be talking about today has to do with how independent you can be. In terms of money, in terms of client selection, customer selection, in terms of the way you do business, who you wish to do business with, how you wish to charge for doing business with the people that you do business with right now.

Now there’s many of you, who are in Healthcare…and your big issue is, is your practice gonna participate or opt out of managed care and be a true cash for service practice?

And in all probability, if our healthcare system is good, we're gonna have two healthcare systems. We're gonna have those of us who pay and get what we want. And everybody else who stands in a bread line somewhere and gets abused by doctors who function like postal workers. And it’s gonna be a big separation in between.

So what's going on in the dentistry and what's going on in chiropractic industry to some degree are practices that literally are completely opting out of the insurance system. And they are saying to their patients, here's how we do business here. You pay us. And if you can get reimbursed more power to you, but we're not gonna participate in that part of the process, your problem, not ours. Radical but great independence – if you can do it well, the bottom line secret, which kind of segues us into marketing. To have great independence is simply having enough deal flow.

And lastly, if you have your marketing act together and you have enough prospective customers, clients, patients flowing towards you, you can be very, very independent. You know, as I said, it takes a different mindset to be viciously independent when you have no customers. But if you want to enjoy that attitude, it's easy to have it when you have more customers than you need and you have to win somehow anyways. So you might as well win out those who do not do business precisely and exactly and totally the way you would love to do business.

Being independent is a great way to run your business the way you want to run it, so you get to make the money you want to make, have the clients you want to have, charge as much as you want to charge. See how you can be more independent in your business with my “Brass Balls” course. A free bonus when you sign up for my NO B.S. Newsletter. If you want to listen to it for free, let me give it to you along with multiple other courses worth $19,997.

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