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Why Do You Get Out Of Bed?

Monday, December 12, 2022

Why Do You Get Out Of Bed

So I got this question… Why Do You Get Out Of Bed?

A fellow author I’ve recently gotten to know, Troy Broussard, gave me a coffee mug that reads: I Did NOT Get Out Of Bed At 4:00 A.M. To Be Mediocre.

If you have staff, this’d make a good “WARNING!” sign to post on your door. Or it’d make a nifty Monday Memo from you. It’s sort of like leaning on your horn when speeding through a yellow light.

Lately, it’s been in the news that the CEOs of some tech companies chalk full of folks resistant to coming back to work at the office or engaged in political activism while supposedly working, or otherwise failing to earn their keep and have been sending out very similar memos. A recession will do that.

Anyway.... It’s a good question: why DID YOU get out of bed this morning? What is it that you are determined to get Done this day? What has you self-motivated? How do you intend to behave, to have a victorious day?

— — — — —

That’s the beginning of today’s Monday Memo for Diamond Members for this week. I go into the juicy detailed answers on “Why Did I Get Out Of Bed?” Or “What has me self-motivated?” And there isn’t a better season to review WHY you do what you do and ADJUST in preparation for what’s to come. We’re faxing it to Diamond members who’ve requested a fax right now and it’s also available in the Diamond members area.

If you don’t have access and you don’t want to miss these weekly insights, included with monthly Masterclasses, Live Q&A, access to 57 Courses and a Search Engine of every newsletter I’ve ever written (and more), you should be a part of Diamond by subscribing here.

If you’re already a member, your memo is ready in your members area and/or your fax machine. If you’re “old school”, you can get your Monday Memos via fax machine or eFax by submitting your fax number to my team on this same page.

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