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Why Every Business Should Publish A Print Newsletter…

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Why Every Business Should Publish A Print Newsletter

Somewhere, maybe on YouTube, find an old comedy recording by Allan Sherman called “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.” It’s his letter home from a time when all kids got sent off to summer camp for two weeks.

It is an old axiom: publish or perish.

If you aren’t on their desks or kitchen tables, on a table next to an easy chair, even taken with them into the “reading room” you exist at all?

Elsewhere, I have argued the Case For The Monthly Customer / Client / Member / Patient Newsletter. Here I’ll emphasize the Case For PRINTED, ENVELOPED, AND MAILED, and describe the 7 Effects that have been goals of mine for such newsletters, my own and others designed for clients.

It’s important to understand that this is not simply about informing and/or educating; it is about how you can make people feel.

But a Note: I’m only going to go into 3 of the 7 effects here. To get the rest, you should probably be a part of my NO B.S. Newsletter membership, particularly before we go to print in a few days.

1. Christmas Morning Effect.
Why are Christmas presents wrapped? Because there’s fun in the unwrapping. In surprise. In finding both the expected and the unexpected inside.

Receiving and unwrapping a monthly newsletter package is a physical, tactile experience that subconsciously triggers recalled pleasure and excitement of unwrapping packages ’neath the tree.

It gives something to the inner child. This can’t be replicated online.

2. Cracker Jack Box Fun Effect.
The hundreds of millions of boxes of Cracker Jack sold are as much thanks to “the toy surprise inside” as to the caramel corn itself. Kids’ breakfast cereal has used the same tactic.

Over the years, I have often included a toy surprise with issues of my newsletters—little leprechaun dolls in March, lucky rabbits’ feet in April, candy corn in October, a little hinge (that swings big doors) glued onto Page 1, funny photos, a mousepad with Dan’s sayings, and more. I want my tribe to wonder, “Is there a toy surprise inside? And if so, gee, what WILL it be?”

3. “Funny” Letter From Camp Effect.
Somewhere, maybe on YouTube, find an old comedy recording by Allan Sherman called “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah.” It’s his letter home from a time when all kids got sent off to summer camp for two weeks.

If you’ve ever read Gary Halbert’s or Doberman Dan’s newsletters, or my monologues or “rants” in my past newsletters, you’ll see the “letter from camp” in play.

Letter-writing between friends, family, peers is something of a dead art, so depending on your age, it may be entirely unfamiliar to you.

It is, however, still very effective.

You may still get a few Christmas letters from distant relatives or others cataloging their year’s experiences, changes, hobbies, kids’ marriages. We make fun of them, like fruitcake—but we read them!

PEOPLE READ (LONG) LETTERS FROM FRIENDS AND RELATIVES. And you want to be a friend “like family” in a relationship with your customers.

All 7 pieces are highlighted in my article, “Why Every Business Should Publish A Print Newsletter: The 7 Effects of High, Sustained Influence” in July’s newsletter. The entire newsletter discusses the strategy and reasoning in setting-up a newsletter for your business.

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​Plus a couple little extras I like to throw in, good discussion starters

And on the note of ‘better bonuses’, I guarantee you won’t find a bonus offer like the one we provide for the No B.S. Newsletter, with over $19,997 of pure money making information, my gift to you.

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