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Without Alexa & Google

Monday, January 23, 2023

Without Alexa & Google

It finally came to this. In November, the biggest growth of activity with a search term was NOT with inflation or election or self-defense or my book titles. It was with “excuses for missing work today.”

Huge numbers are now so lazy and/or mentally defective they won’t or can’t even think up their own excuses for not showing up for work!

The U.S. Labor Participation Rate, the percentage of people capable of working who ARE working is 62%, lowest in 40 years. Biggest M.I.A. group is young adult males. Apparently there are a lot of females willing to keep them in food, shelter and video games.

A lot of jobs also require drug tests and background checks. Actually, we created this by flooding people in no need of it with all sorts of “free money” and new “benefits” from gov’t, 90% under Biden, coupled with a systematic removal of Shame for not working.

When I grew up, if you didn’t get or couldn’t hold onto a job, you were a bum.

Your spouse and family were ashamed of you.

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That’s the beginning of today’s Monday Memo for Diamond Members for this week and the new “norm” of working class people, including what you need to do to not fall into the traps set in today’s world. It’s now available in the Diamond members area.

If you don’t have access, don’t go laying down like a bum and don’t miss these weekly insights. Join Diamond to get the best resources to meet your New Year's Resolutions, including my monthly Masterclasses, Live Q&A, access to 57 Courses and a Search Engine of every newsletter I’ve ever written.

If you’re already a member, your memo is ready in your members area and/or your fax machine.

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