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Your Economic Warning & Playbook

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Your Economic Warning & Playbook

Warning – Warning – Warning

A lot of businesses look really good because of a set of external circumstances and a lot of free flowing money.

Take for example, Peloton. A lot of people were buying Pelotons with very little effort on Peloton’s part. Totally because of a set of external circumstances. We saw this happen with car dealerships as well, particularly with Carvana. They are selling every car they can get because their supplies are constrained. They don’t have to be good at advertising, marketing and selling in order to sell cars, but it’s catching up to ‘em.

The longer conditions like this exist, the worse it is because they start to get lulled into a sense of security, comfort, laziness, and they actually lose their ability to market and sell. Or they think they are good at marketing, advertising and selling because the inventory is flying off the shelves. And worse yet, they don’t really have a marketing process or haven’t maintained the process that they developed.

You need to take a look at your own business with a critical eye, today, to insure that this is not happening internally to you.

I see it a lot right now directly and indirectly, where for one reason or another, the business owner and therefore his team have gotten ineffectual at either the marketing aspect of the business or the selling aspect of the business.

Selling aspect: Do you have sales scripts? Are those scripts being followed? How closely are they being followed?

Marketing aspect: Do you have a lead generation process? Do you have a process for nurturing leads, for converting leads into sales? Do you have a marketing message that attracts your ideal customer, client or patient? Do you intimately know who your avatar is? Can you describe their biggest frustrations?

There is a moment in time coming when the leads are going to ‘dry up’, when what was converting won’t convert anymore, when your prospects will be affected by the recession. It will feel sudden to you, but not to those of us who see this already happening. And I can tell you that you will want to run around and try to flip all the switches on to fix the problem, but that’s not how this works. It works more like the TV did in 1960 – it needs time to warm up. You can never have just the right amount of lead flow, the right number of active accounts, the right number of new accounts. The choice is always too many or too few.

You must design your business to be anti-fragile now. Before the need is urgent and you are in a crisis.

So I’ve dedicated a BRAND NEW Masterclass specifically for our Diamond Members, “Anti-Fragility vs. Economic Upheaval!”

Here is just a snippet of what I am covering:

  • The 6 specific areas of your business that reveal your level of fragility and what you should attack with extreme urgency immediately.
  • What you need to know that will protect your price and profit margins in a down economy… this could be the difference between thriving and surviving or going bankrupt.
  • Why the mortal hazard of one is put on steroids during a difficult economy and what may not seem like a weakness today will be your achilles heel tomorrow.
  • ​The secret to finding the customers who will buy even in times of economic uncertainty (I’ll give you a hint … it’s not logical and not easily seen.)

If you are a Diamond member, I’m told you can login to the members portal, and go to the 2022 Masterclass section to access this month’s presentation.

If you’re not a part of our Diamond membership yet and you’ve read to this point, you know what you need to do, I’ll give you everything included in Diamond which you can see at Upgrade to Diamond today for the deal of a lifetime and INSTANTLY watch this month’s brand new Masterclass now.

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